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The TTC carries over 1.5 million riders a day, so chances are you are one of them. Chances are also very good that you have strong opinions about Toronto’s transit system and how it can be made better.

No one from City Hall or the TTC has ever asked you what should be done to improve TTC service, right? Well, we’re asking because we know our riders are frustrated with declining service levels, rising fares, cutbacks and crowding. You deserve a voice in the future of the TTC. Your feedback will be part of our ongoing project of analyzing the strengths and shortcomings of the TTC and making recommendations for its improvement.

So tell us what: What would be your top 3 ideas for TTC improvement? Where should the money come from? We’ll be publishing your thoughts on this site and ensuring that they are sent to the Mayor, City Councillors, and the TTC.




  • Toronto Transit workers meet with their riders
    Toronto's ATU Local 113 held three town hall meetings in April-May 2010 to discuss TTC customer service issues. Comments by the public reveal that most TTC problems are the result of government underfunding and poor management.
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    The TTC’s future is in our hands. The citizens of Toronto must fight for change.

  • “Toronto For Everyone!” Says Local 113
    On April 9, 2011, Torontonians took to the streets demanding respect for communities, public services and jobs. Representing over 10,000 TTC workers, union President Bob Kinnear called on City Council to make Toronto accessible again.
  • Battery Refurbishment Project
    Paul Arsenault, a TTC worker and a founder of Canada's first baseball league for autistic children, is now leading an in-house battery refurbishment program that saves over a million dollars a year.
  • Truth About Transit
    Watch this informative 90 second video to see why privatizing Toronto's transit system would be a disaster!
  • #TTCFuture
  • Bob Kinnear Takes on Ford
    Transit union President Bob Kinnear makes a deputation to City Council over proposed cuts to transit, demanding that former Mayor Ford deal with the massive Toronto taxpayer subsidies of out-of-towners who regularly take the TTC.